Come Together: Part 3
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date March 27, 2013
Written by Matthew Drdek & Lloyd Goldfine
Directed by Logan McPherson & Daniel Ife
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Come Together: Part 2
Cleaning House


Miles Dredd continues to hold Max captive, and Molly, Uncle Ferrus, Steel and N-Tek must save him. Steel flies through an air vent in the enemy's headquarters to find Max. Meanwhile Uncle Ferrus tells Molly if Steel doesn't reconnect with Max in 8 hours, Max's powers will overload and Steel will shut down. Miles reveals to Max that he was behind the explosion that killed Max's father and created a machine to absorb TURBO Energy, but the explosion permanently connected the device to Miles and damaged the storing function of the invention. Max gets angry at this revelation releasing more TURBO Energy, but Miles again absorbs it. The TURBO Energy Miles originally absorbed from the explosion kept him alive for the 16 years until now. Finally Steel saves Max and the two fuse to escape, but Miles captures Steel and Max survives his fall 100 stories. He shuts Steel down, and hooks him up to a machine meant to kill everyone in Copper Canyons so Miles can gain more TURBO Energy from their devices feeding off each civilian. Soon N-Tek and Max invade the headquarters, faced with robots and Elementors. Max goes looking for Steel, runs into Miles' assistant, who transforms into a cyborg, but Max easily gets rid of him off the elevator. Max then rescues Steel, deactivating the machine and trying to fight Miles, but he just absorbs their attacks and grows more powerful. Finally Max has an idea: he and Steel release all the TURBO Energy they can, and as they fly to space with Miles, a huge explosion occurs. Molly starts to cry, but then sees Max survived. Reporters arrive at the scene and ask who the hero is, with Max and Steel replying conjointly forming the name "Max Steel." Ferrus asks Molly if they knew their existence was meant to be secret, and has her continue working at THI to sort the mess. In the aftermath of the fight, Miles Dredd is seen floating in space, but his servant appears in a ship rescuing him, and they return to Earth.

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