"Nightmare's just beginning, kid."

Psycho's real name is unknown, although his nickname/DREAD code-name is speculated to come from the fact that he appears to be a psychopath.


He's often called "Smiley", mainly by Max Steel but occasionally by other members of N-Tek. He ignores it when Max refers to him as smiley, but usually has very violent reactions when other members of DREAD address him with that nickname. He has a metallic face which looks like a human skull, with an unusually large smiling jaw (hence the reason of his nickname). In the first season, Psycho covers up his metallic face with a mask, which gives him the appearance of a normal tough white guy. His main weapon is his right bionic arm, which can change into a claw or a laser gun, presumably by nerve signals. In “Endangered Species,” Psycho also has a Psycho-droid, which looks almost exactly like him, except the droid is a silver or copper color. He features the same bionic arm as Psycho and has a self-destruct system, which Psycho ultimately uses to kill Bio-Constrictor.


  • Psycho is the cause of Josh McGrath becoming Max Steel after trying to steal the Nano-Tech Max probes.